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10 Healthy Meals Under 250 Calories

10 Healthy Meals Under 250 Calories TAGS: | | | | These meals are complete with protein being the base. Six of these meals equals 1500 calories. All you need to complete these meals is a


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Amazing greek yogurt & avocado veggie dip – Delicious & Healthy TAGS: | | | I know Superbowl is coming and I plan on serving this dip with veggies and baked pitas. It’s also a really great snack to munch


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Low sugar, high protein recipes that I need to try! I am always searching for new recipes to try with healthy and high protein foods. In an recipe I use…I always try to modify it


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Day 1 of this 2013 fat loss challenge Ok…let me just say…HUNGRY! Bloody hell I hate dieting. But, I stuck to everything I planned today, minus getting a good walk on the canals



Greek Yogurt Recipes TAGS: | | I love greek yogurt…..it’s thick and creamy, high in protein, low in carbs, sugar and fat. It can be used as a substitute for mayo


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