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About Leah Wynne and Strength Powered Fitness

Hi…I’m Leah…Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor. I started out years ago as a PT and have always preferred to do my own thing….you can read that as “I hate having a boss”. So after gaining valuable experience training at commercial gyms, I decided to open my own studio. I started part time with bootcamps actually and at the time, I really just wanted to have a group of people to train with so that *I* could train the way I like. I had never even been to a traditional group ex class at a commercial gym and was the furthest thing from a “fitness instructor” anyone’s ever seen.

What I was doing was small group conditioning classes…and that’s what I called them in the beginning and only succumbed to the term of bootcamp because that was the only term the general public was familiar with. Even though I now use the term bootcamp freely, I still pride myself on my training principles and strive every day to ensure people know that THIS bootcamp is more than just 5lb weights and leg lifts and long runs. We lift heavy, we squat, we deadlift, we flip tires, and we have loads of fun doing it.

The SPF studio in Kitchener, Ontario recently closed so that I could continue the next chapter of my life, and so I could provide this opportunity to more people in an online format. (I also got engaged and that had a lot to do with my new location).

The Sixty Days to Sexy site is relatively new, and I will be adding content to it on a daily basis so I do hope you stick around to check it out and maybe even join our community if you like what you see.

What is Sixty Days to Sexy

The Sixty Days to Sexy site is a membership community that provides daily bootcamp and strength & conditioning workouts, complete with video demo’s for each exercise. There are various membership levels which give you access to different content. If you’ve done a bootcamp class with me before, what you are getting in a Silver level membership is the written version, from start to finish, of a bootcamp class….complete with the demos. There are also weekly video classes available to bronze level and up which are led by myself…that you can follow along with at home.

Is 60 days 2 sexy a “program” like P90X or the Insanity DVD’s?

Well…yes and no….the daily and weekly workouts follow the training protocols that I’ve always used…so in that sense, it is a program…every session focuses on strength and conditioning for the entire body. But, it is not a day by day program that you follow and complete after 60 days…like the P90X program. You are essentially getting a fresh workout each day and you can be assured that it is a well-rounded workout that fits within a week’s balanced training.

Well where’s the “60 days” come from then?

The sixty days actually comes from you. That’s the amount of time I am requesting you commit to in order to see a new you…a sexier, healthier, fitter and happier you. It’s not a diet or a fad program that you can’t wait to finish so you can get back to your previously crappy habits. It’s a 60 day commitment on your part to change your life for the better. After that 60 days….my hope is that you will be hooked on fitness for life, and whether you continue to use the membership site or not, I hope that you do continue with your new lifestyle.


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  1. Susan Foster says:

    Hi Leah..I seriously need to commit to 60 days and I seriously want my sexy back. GO!

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