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Canada Day Conditioning Workout!

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Happy Canada Day. For this conditioning workout you will need your interval timer, a step, a med ball and a set of kettlebells. You can use dumbbells if you don’t have access to kettlebells. We are doing 8 exercises for 40 seconds each and 15s rest between exercises. Don’t forget to do both sides of the unilateral movements. Rest 60-90s between rounds and shoot for 3-4 rounds.

Don’t forget to warm up before you start! 5 minutes or so of jump rope or ladder drills and then some upper/lower mobility exercises and more specific movements should be good. Shoulder dislocations, leg swings, bodyweight squats and lunges, scap pushups, band pullaparts, etc.

Set your timer to 40s of work, 15s of rest and 11 rounds (8 exercises total, w/ 3 unilateral movements that need to be done twice). Here’s what you’re doing:

  • Forward-reverse lunge – add weight if you want, don’t forget to do both legs
  • Kettlebell Deadlift Burpee – Use dumbbells if you don’t have kettlebells
  • Step Plank – Alternate lead hand
  • Alternating Kettlebell Row – Use a dumbbell if you need to
  • Crossjacks – Eliminate the jump and just do the squat portion if you have bad knees or are a beginner, 40s each side
  • Hip Bridge – Make this movement easier by keeping your foot on the ground instead of a ball, both sides
  • Plate Chop – Alternating woodchop movement, like an upside down V
  • Med Ball Slam – TEST YOUR BALL FIRST! Do not chase a bouncy ball like I am in the video, you will get med ball slammed in your face.

Watch the video to see how each exercise is done.

And don’t forget…………..sharing is caring :)

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