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Dat Ass – Free Bootcamp Workout

Posted on January 16, 2013 | in All Posts, All Strength Conditioning, Free Bootcamp Workout, Gym Workout, Home Workouts | by

Dat Ass Free Bootcamp Workout

Dat Ass Free Bootcamp Workout

Try this free bootcamp workout that targets the glutes. If you want a nice booty you need to squat with a full range of motion (all the way down) and use heavy weights. None of this 10lb baloney…your purse weighs more then that and so does your kid…and carting those around hasn’t given you the booty want. So pick a heavy weight, use a full range of motion and focus on squeezing those glutes with every rep.

Heavy kettlebell swings and deadlifts will also work those glutes for a nice round booty. Make sure you focus on hip drive and squeeze those glutes at the top of the movement. This bootcamp workout should take no more then 25 minutes including the warm up.

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