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Q – When do the 60 days start?

A – The 60 days begins whenever you become a member and start your bootcamp training. 60 days to sexy is just a term to give you a goal and a time frame in which to achieve that goal. Sixty Days to Sexy is not really a “60-day program”. It’s a reasonable amount of time that I’m asking you to commit to for you to see an improvement in your health and fitness and establish some new healthy habits.

Q – Why are all the bootcamp workouts written as quotes?

A – When I had a physical studio location, I had motivational quotes written on the walls. Titling the bootcamp workouts with those same quotes allows me to continue that tradition without having physical walls to write on.

Q – Hey Leah, Will we be notified when you post a new bootcamp workout? Just wondered how this is all going to work? Yay!

A – Hmmm….probably not with every one because I put them up every day….but I might send out a weekly email digest of what got posted….I don’t want to be too annoying with emails. And you can also check the calendar at the bottom of the page to list the newest posts for the current month. I’ll see if I can find an app to make it more visible.

Q – Hey Leah, Nice to see that the new project is up and running!! I have been keeping up on bootcamp workouts at home since you have been gone mostly 2 -3 times a week. Would the silver membership be the best choice for me?

A – Hi! The silver membership is the only one available just yet. Since you’ve been to bootcamp classes before and know the structure and how hard you should be working…it’s appropriate and you should be fine with it. It shows you each exercise and how to do it. In fact all levels will be appropriate for everyone/anyone….just the bronze will have access only to the video’s where I actually teach the class (4 per month) and that level is probably easier for someone to be introduced to a class who’s never been to one or worked out before.

Q – So, just a clarification. On exercises like the forward reverse lunge and the single leg Romanian touchdowns, do I do all one side for 1/2 of the 45secs and then switch for the last 1/2 or alternate?

A – Typically, unless it says otherwise, you would do all one side for specified time (45s), then do the other side, then move on to the next exercise. I usually specify alternating or all one side then the other. If the video itself shows me alternating in the video…then that’s how you would do it as well UNLESS it specifies otherwise. Like the forward reverse lunge….all one side then switch. Step behind lunge, all one side then switch. Alternating med ball pushup….alternate each side within that 45s….I know I don’t specify with that one because I demo both sides and alternate in the video.

Q – OK, technical ignorance aside, I’ve never done this type of thing, so I’m not clear on how it works. Say I start at bootcamp workout #1 (duh). How many times a week do I do it? Do I lift on other days, or is my workout strictly bootcamp until I get through the 18 (one routine/week)?

A – Since you’ve never done this before I would highly suggest starting at number one and making your way through the workouts in order. Although you don’t have to….it takes the guesswork out of it, and it should be easy for you, not stressful :)

The entire program is pretty flexible. I based it on my clients and bootcamp workouts at my studio. Some of those clients were brand new to fitness, some were athletic and advanced. Some came once a week, some 3, and some 5 or 6.

I suggest deciding on how many times a week you want to train. Let’s say 3-4. So you would go through workouts in order, starting at one. If you have time and aren’t too sore the next day, do number two. Then take a day off to rest or just do cardio. Then do workout number 3 the next day and so on.

If you want to just do the bootcamp workouts that’s fine. If you want to incorporate them into another plan…say regular strength training at the gym then I would suggest doing two days at the gym heavier weights and 2-3 days of the bootcamp style workouts.

Q – Can you suggest a place in the Kitchener-Waterloo area to buy kettle bells at a decent price?

A – Yes…I get all mine at Homefit on Victoria/hwy 7 in Kitchener. That’s the best price in the area that I have found. I would not get anything less than 20lbs. You will quickly out-grow anything less and be stuck with a really expensive doorstop.

Q – Thanks Leah. I haven’t looked that far ahead, but do some of the bootcamp workouts need 2 of the same weight?

A – Some do use two weights BUT I give options if you have only one. It’s really the most flexible program ever. Just like classes were. If you only have one single dumbbell and a workout is using two kettlebells, you can still do that workout. If you (you meaning anyone) don’t know how to modify any workout to fit your equipment, then you can msg me here, email, or simply post a comment to the page with the workout on it and ask for a modification and I will give you one to fit what you have available.


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